About us

Today we estimate around 40% of all people in Peterborough live in rented housing, this puts the landlords who own all those houses in a position of great power.

They can decide what decorations you can have, whether you have pets, even (in some cases) whether you're allowed to have someone stay the night and, ultimately, they can make you leave. What power do we, the tenants, have? We have each other.

Joining a union is about knowing that all the other members will back you up, and that you'll have their back too, if they need it.

Our Area

We cover all the postcodes which start with PE1, PE2, PE3... and so on, up to PE9. This is quite a large area and includes not just Peterborough, but Yaxley, Stamford, Whittlesey, Castor, and a large number of smaller villages.

Our aims and objectives

Our aims, in brief, are:

  1. Supporting renters and defending members
  2. Representing members
  3. Education and training
  4. Building a community

Member Support

Unions are not quite the same as a charity, or a legal advice service. The way we can help is by having each other's back; the union is there to facilitate members in helping each other.

Many of our members have different skills, interests, and experiences - so if you have a particular problem, we might be able to find someone who can help.

You might also have some special knowledge or skill that you could use to help another member. We also have strength in numbers - if we need to protest about something, we can all turn up!


Campaigning is trying to get our opinions out there, persuading people to agree with us, and hopefully join.

We can do this by holding events, going door to door and holding street stalls, leafleting, petitions, and by posting on social media.

We'll be doing all these things, so please think about helping out if you have the time.

Community Organising

This is similar to campaigning but the aim is to get people from neighbourhoods together to work on their problems.