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We are renters like you, we believe supporting each other is the best way to win.

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We don't have staff, or an office - we're all volunteers giving our time to help you.

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Our organisation exists to campaign on behalf of renters, and support members who are having problems with their landlord.

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  • Illegal Evictions

    An illegal eviction is any eviction where you haven't had the proper written notice.

  • Receiving an eviction notice

    Getting an eviction notice is very stressful, here's what you should do if you get one.

  • Deposit claims

    It's very common for agents and landlords to claim against your damage deposit, but they must have good evidence.

  • Damage

    If something in your house has broken or become damaged, it's best to tell your landlord quickly.

  • Noise, crime, and anti-social behaviour

    Relations with neighbours and the local community can be difficult sometimes, here's what to do.